Easy three ingredient Chocolate Ravioli for a fun afternoon treat.

chocolate ravioli
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It’s 6 o’clock and your husband calls to let you know that company will be coming over for dinner and drinks.  Panic sits in and you start to scramble in the kitchen.  Will it be chicken? Will it be pork? Will it be steak?  Then you move on to the sides and throw a quick fancy salad together.

chocolate ravioli
Next up is the dessert.  This is where this easy chocolate ravioli dish will come in hand.  You can even get the guest to join in on the fun and stuff their own wontons to help you out.  It’s like a cooking class in your home after dinner.

Break out the wine or after dinner drinks, roll up your sleeves and have some fun with this chocolate ravioli.  If you don’t have chocolate hazelnut spread on hand feel free to substitute with nutella.  After this dessert your dinner company will be SO impressed with dinner and it will leave you feeling like you had it planned all along.
Our little secret right?

ENJOY ~ Meagan

 chocolate ravioli

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Chocolate ravioli


Wonton wrappers (I used round ones)
Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
Powdered Sugar
1 egg for egg wash
canola oil


Put canola oil in medium sauce pan at least an inch in sauce pan (medium heat)
Take on wonton wrapper and put egg wash around all edges
Take a spoonful of chocolate spread and place in the middle
Fold over the edge and smooth it out so that no air is around the spread
Take a fork and go around the edge of the wonton and make marking to ensure that the two pieces stick together
Place in hot oil and cook for about 30 seconds (half way flip over)
With slotted spoon remove and place on paper towel
Plate and top with powdered sugar and serve while still warm


  1. Another use for Nutella. Oh yum.

  2. What a great idea! My friends will love this!

  3. Im printing this one out tonight, so I don’t loose it, I will be trying it soon. Thanks for the post.

  4. yum yum!!! soo temptingggg!!!

  5. oh my!!!! These look fabulous!

    I just wanted to also let you know that I admire your blog and would like to give you the “One Lovely Blog” Award! You can find it here!


  6. These sound delicious! I love how simple they are, but packed with flavor:)

  7. This is one of the best desserts (meals) ever. Wish I had a plate of these.

  8. Ah!! A girl after my own heart!! I need these in my life!

  9. Wow these look amazing! My mouth is watering 🙂

  10. wow, this looks amazing and I would never imagine the ingredient list is so short – I’m definitely saving this!

  11. oh woww, those look amazing! Chocolate ravioli.. brilliant idea!!!

  12. Beautiful….fantastic idea:)

  13. Oh yum, I buzzed these!

  14. I wonder if I could use just chocolate or chocolate and peanut butter spread instead of the hazelnut since my husband is allergic to tree nuts.

  15. You’re killing me!!!!!!!!!

  16. Oh, my!!! What a simple, yet fabulous dessert idea! Love it~

  17. oh this is such a fabulous idea!! I just started experimenting with dessert raviolis. I like that you made them kind of like empanadas here. you can stuff them with anything, like apples and pears. and then drizzle chocolate sauce on top. yum!! great presentation. thanks for sharing

  18. ok… im in love.. how do these look so amazing with such few ingredients!! love theesssee

  19. How fun! This looks great!

  20. What a fun dish….I know I would eat far too many. 😉

  21. Interesting use of flavors! Yum!

  22. I love the idea of stuffing a wonton wrapper with sweet chocolatey goodness!

  23. Men. They just don’t get the panic one invokes when they let you know last minute people are coming over especially when you are a blogger and people expect something fabulous! Love these quick and easy sweet treats!

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