Ok, you are going to love this candy ice cream cake.  I mean how could you not love brownies, ice cream and candy all in one dessert.  My mom and I use to make this dessert with cookie crumbs for the bottom with layers of butterfinger ice cream.  Almost 20 years later I decided to bring my touch of the recipe back by using brownies.  You can use any type of candy that you want but these two work great together.

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Candy Ice Cream Cake


1 Box Betty Crocker ultimate fudge brownies (eggs, oil, and water to make brownies)
4 Reeses, chopped
1 Butterfinger, chopped
1/2 gallon homemade vanilla ice cream, softened (about 15 scoops)
1/2 gallon cookies n cream ice cream, softened (about 10 scoops)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Make brownie mixture
Split the mixture into 2 9inch parchment lined round pans (batter will seem thin)
Cook for 18-20 minutes; insert toothpick and when it comes out completely clean then you know that brownies are done
Let them cool for 20-30 minutes still in pans
Remove from pans to a wire rack and take off parchment paper
In large bowl you will add the softened vanilla ice cream with the candy pieces
Stir until ice cream is well mixed with the candy
Place one of the brownies at the bottom of a 9 inch springform pan
Top with the vanilla ice cream and place in freezer for 15 minutes
Remove and top with the remaining brownie and then spread the cookies n cream ice cream on top
Freeze overnight or up to 8 hours
Remove cake from springform and place on decorative plate
You may need to run a butter knife along the springform to release the frozen ice cream from the pan
Top with cool whip or chocolate syrup


  1. Oh yum! This sounds so delicious! Love the plating too!

  2. That looks illegal it’s so good hahaha!

  3. Wow looks amazing!! Love the butterfinger addition…mmm!!

  4. That’s so nice to be featured. Looks really indulging.

  5. Oh my this looks so sinful. But I’d eat it anyway. Probably more than one piece to be honest. Great recipe.

  6. What an amazing dessert! So many wonderful things all in one dessert.

  7. Wow what a showstopper! Im sure it tastes stunning too 🙂

  8. This looks truley wonerful x must try this once we are back from holidays

  9. My daughter just walked in and said that looks crazy good, and then proceeded to ask if I could make one for dessert after dinner. Score one for you!

  10. Oh la la!! Does that ever look and sound amazing!

  11. Ohhh, this looks so awesome!! I love ice cream cake!!

  12. Ahhh this is like the perfect ice cream cake! Candy, cookies and cream ice cream, and brownies?? I’m freaking out. In a good way.

  13. omg yes please! reese and butterfingers are two of my favorite candies so this looks amazing to me.

  14. I cannot ask for better ingredients for an ice cream cake. This is such a divine blend of textures and flavors. Yum!

  15. This is fabulous! It would be an amazing dessert to bring to a party or pot luck! EVERYONE would love it!

  16. Yum. Fudge brownies, reeses, butterfingers and ice cream. Seriously what’s not to love? Look forward to trying this soon!

  17. Oh my where do I begin!!! this is amazing! the ultimate dessert!

  18. Oh wow youre right! I do LOVE this recipe. Amazing.

  19. So many yummy flavors!!

  20. Oh man…this looks so great!!

  21. Ohhh Yum! I’ve been wanting to make an icecream cake in my spring form and I love the idea of a brownie layer!

  22. It’s like a giant ice cream sandwich, I love it!

  23. And it is finally cool enough that people would have time to eat before it simply melted.

  24. Made it this weekend for Josh’s birthday. It was a hit! Thanks again for another great recipe!

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